Breast Thermography – The Newest Technology For Even Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer or Breast Anomalies

by Dr. Karen Cann on August 31, 2010

When was the last time you were checked for breast cancer?

The American Cancer Society reports there has been a 178% increase in breast cancer since 1969. This year, over 192,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the USA alone.  Even more tragic is the large number of cancer cases that will be missed until the cancer is very late stage and severe.  All cancer specialists agree that early detection is the key to surviving this deadly disease.

By the time breast cancer can be seen on a mammogram, that cancer has been growing for 10 years.  It is also now known that 20% of breast cancers cannot be seen on a mammogram.

What is vitally needed is a proven test that can detect the earliest changes in breast tissue.  Cancer cells need a good blood supply and indeed develop their own blood supply to insure growth.  This is called “angiogenesis”.

Pre-cancerous tissue also develops it’s own blood supply and causes abnormal heat patterns in the female breast.  Now there is a unique technology that can detect the earliest signs and warnings of developing breast cancer and we offer it here at Integrative Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Solutions, Inc.  This new breast screening is called thermography.  

What is Thermography?

This literally means “heat picture” and is a measurement of the infrared heat given off by your body.  Thermography converts infrared radiation emitted from the skin into electrical impulses that are seen in color. (Refer to the above picture.) The spectrum of colors indicate the amount of infrared radiation being emitted by the skin surface.  This could be an excess amount or a decreased amount.  This is the only method available for visualizing pain and pathology.  This test can assess pain and pathology anywhere in the body.  Thermography is routinely used in many areas of mainstream medicine such as rheumatology, neurology, pain clinics and for vascular disease.  

What is Breast Thermography?

This is an example of what a breast thermography picture looks like.

This is a state-of-the-art technology that uses advanced infrared computerized camera systems to detect heat patterns in the breast.  This system can detect abnormal heat patterns and then analyze the information with the latest computer program.  This information is then viewed and analyzed by a doctor who is Board Certified in Medical Thermography.  

The benefit of this testing is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible with breast self exam, doctor examination, or mammogram alone.  Medical thermograms detect the subtle changes that accompany breast pathology.  This could be cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or vascular disease.   

Studies show that breast thermography has the ability to warn a woman that a cancer is forming up to 10 years BEFORE ANY OTHER TEST CAN DETECT IT.  An abnormal breast thermogram is the single most important sign of high risk for developing breast cancer.  The abnormal breast thermogram is 10 times more significant than a first order family history of breast cancer.   

Therapy was first used in 1957 by Raymond Lawson, M.D. and since then over 800 peer reviewed studies have been published in the medical literature.  Some 300,000 women have participated in these studies.  Because of its accuracy and – most importantly – its ability to increase survival rates for breast cancer victims, the FDA approved thermograpy in 1982.  

Thermography for Detection of Breast Hormone Imbalance

Is there a hormone imbalance in your breasts?  Did you know that your breasts store estrogen and progesterone?  Most breast cancers are known to be estrogen dominant.  A thermogram of the breasts is the only non-invasive procedure that can detect estrogen imbalance in the breast.  If estrogen levels are imbalanced, it is imperative that the hormone levels be corrected.  Once the estrogen hormone imbalance is corrected, a woman’s breast cancer risk is reduced.

The Advantages for Breast Screening Using Thermography

Our progressive thermography system provides a 100% safe, painless breast screening option for women.

Be sure to take care of yourself. Your loved ones will be grateful.

No painful compression: eliminates trauma to the breast, avoids spreading cancer cells if they are present.                     

No harmful radiation: reduces your risk to added lifetime exposure. X-ray radiation increases risk for breast cancer.

No contact: our female technician does not touch your breasts, so the exam can be done with greater comfort for you.

Risk-free: since there is no harmful radiation, repeat tests can be performed regularly to monitor your progress and to determine if the cancer is growing, in the event breast cancer is suspected.

Early detection: detects changes in breast tissue, in even the smallest of tumors.  Can detect breast tissue changes at least 10 years before they can be seen on a mammogram.  Studies have shown thermography to be 97% effective at detecting benign vs. malignant breast abnormalities.  

What to Expect

You will fill out some paperwork while you acclimate to the room temperature.  You will disrobe from the waist up and will be given a comfortable patient gown to wear.  Only our female technician is present during this process.  The technician will give you instructions regarding the various views to be taken of your breasts.  At no time will she touch your breasts and no compression of your breasts will be done.  She will simply take infrared pictures of your breasts.

The breast thermograms are interpreted by our Board Certified medical doctor and you will be given a full report, along with the thermogram pictures of your breasts for future reference.  You can then make a decision as to your next step.  Some of your options are as follows: 1) Schedule an appointment to see one of our holistic trained doctors for specific detox, hormone and nutritional recommendations for better breast health.  2) You may choose to take the full report to your own doctor for further recommendations.  3) If the test results are positive for breast disease, and especially cancer, I recommend you schedule an appointment with our doctors for recommendations such as ultrasound and mammogram.  We will work with your doctor of choice and can help monitor breast tissue changes with repeat thermogram exams.  

Schedule an Exam Today

Call our office at our local number: 850-916-9304.  Our front desk personnel can give you the details and will be glad to schedule an appointment for you.

Printable Brochure

Click here to download a printable brochure on Breast Thermography.

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