Therapeutic Massage Works!

by Dr. Karen Cann on April 30, 2011

I’m a strong believer in living life to its fullest potential.  To do that with success, we all need to make sure we take care of ourselves when it comes to our health and wellness. 

When I decided to make Navarre / Gulf  Breeze my home several years back, I knew that I wanted to open a practice here that would provide the community with a well-rounded “wellness center”.  Not only did I want to offer you a place where your chiropractic care could involve a combination of proven techniques (which research shows is best) , I knew that your health and wellness would be best served if I also coupled my chiropractic services with licensed physical therapy,  top-end nutritional supplements, and therapeutic massage done by certified health care massage therapists.

A therapeutic massage can help alleviate pain in so many areas of your body.

If you suffer from pain due to an accident, injury, or stress-related situation, you should be aware that a combination of therapies is your best bet for alleviating that pain.  A vertebrae in your spine could be protruding in a way that doesn’t allow you to stand or sit straight, thus causing pain.  Or muscles around a joint could be inflamed.  Or they can be stiff or agitated from strain or inactivity.  How can you get rid of the pain quickly and keep it from coming back?  Those are the types of problems that my practice specializes in solving.

Over the 20+ years of my health care career, I’ve found that therapeutic massage can truly help in alleviating pain.  To begin, you will first receive a spinal exam from me to make sure that your spine from the top of your head all the way down to your toes is in proper alignment.  This exam also allows me to check the surrounding muscles to see if any of them are tight and/or swollen.  You would be surprised to know how many of your muscles have an effect on your posture and how good or bad you feel! 

Learn how therapeutic massage can help you enjoy life more!

Once I have indentified the specific issues causing your pain, I can then provide you with the appropriate chiropractic adjustment(s) if need be, and  provide detailed medical instruction to my certified therapeutic massage therapist regarding the areas of your body that require special attention.  By having a professional, licensed chiropractor and physical therapist examine you BEFORE you get a massage, I hope you can see how much more beneficial a massage can be.  In fact, I invite you to see for yourself.  If you suffer from pain or chronic aches and stiffness, please contact my office now to schedule your first therapeutic massage.  I want you to feel better so that you can live life to its fullest!  Don’t you too?

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