New Technological Advances in Chiropractic Health Care

by Dr. Karen Cann on November 16, 2011

Chiropractic philosophies were developed by the ancient Greeks, and the basic underlying techniques for alignment of the human spine to improve overall wellness hasn’t changed much over time.  But I know some people are turned off or even afraid of those time-tested methods that can seem somewhat harsh and quite physical.

Fortunately for the more timid, science has never taken a break from seeking new ways to address health care.  So if you haven’t heard of instrument adjusting, you must not be aware of the technological advances made in the chiropractic field over the last 50 years. 

In this blog, I’d like to introduce you to these new techniques.

Activator Methods® – The Activator® instrument was developed in 1967 and is now the world’s #1 instrument adjusting technique for chiropractors.  It’s a small tool that I hold in my hand and it allows me to adjust your spine in very specific areas in a quiet and painless way.  In research studies, adjustments made with the Activator® have been proven to be highly reliable and the instrument itself has a patented design. 

Chiropractors who have taken both a written and practical examination are the most experienced Activator® doctors.  They can be identified by formal certification and are referred to as “Advanced Proficiency Rated”. In order to maintain this certification, chiropractic doctors need to attend mandatory yearly seminars to stay informed of the most current Activator® information and research.

This is a photo of the official Activator instrument that I use at my practice.

It’s important for you to know what an official Activator® instrument looks like.  There are chiropractors out there who claim to do Activator® adjusting, but have never been formally trained in the technique and they are not using the actual patented Activator® instrument(s).  The best way to find a properly-trained doctor in your area is to visit

Impulse Adjusting Technique™ – The Impulse iQ® instrument is the newest on the market and it’s quickly gaining a reputation for being the most efficient and effective adjusting instrument in the industry.  It’s 100x faster than a manual adjustment.  In addition to spinal adjustments, this tool also allows me to reduce tension in your tight, spasmodic muscle tissue.  This helps relax the muscles that are tight and pulling your spine out of proper alignment.

The Impulse iQ instrument is a new technological breakthrough in Chiropractic science.

The Impulse iQ® has an automatic sensor that detects bone movement which enables the instrument to be more precise and accurate.  No other instrument has this sensor ability and it is patented.  It’s a big larger in size than the Activator®, and treatment is quick and virtually painless.  The technology is really ground-breaking.

Doctors that choose to become certified in Impulse iQ® adjusting are tested at seminars through both a practical and written examination. Regular attendance at Impulse Adjusting Technique™ seminars helps to keep doctors current on how to use the tool to achieve the best results.  You can find doctors who are certified in this treatment by visiting

If you want state-of-the-art health care technology, it’s here at my office in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  I’m certified in both of these chiropractic methods.  Just call my office to schedule an appointment.  Or feel free to come to one of my free health and wellness classes.

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