by Dr. Karen Cann on April 28, 2012

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when ……

Did you know that sunshine plays a vital role in our levels of Vitamin D? 

Did you know that common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are depression and fatigue? Other common symptoms include hypertension, stress fractures, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets (most common in children), muscle weakness, chronic inflammation/pain, obesity, and chronic lower back pain.


The list is not complete and symptoms also might be cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or heart diseases.

The most relevant test for vitamin D levels is serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D test also known as 25 (OH) D tests. It shows the most accurate results of your vitamin D status in organism. If you took this test and you have results, you can compare it with deficient, normal, optimal, therapeutical or excessive amounts the data below.

Since some of these symptoms and diseases are quite serious, wise idea would be to prevent them by ensuring that you are getting enough vitamin D from exposure to direct sunlight, vitamin D rich foods and/or vitamin D supplements.

The following sources of Vitamin D are:

Sunshine: Just 5-30 minutes 2x/week in sunlight exposure gives us a good amount of D

Good food sources are:    

–          Cod liver oil and fish liver oil (cod liver oil also contain lots of vitamin A)
– Fish (all types of fish are rich with vitamin D but these bellow are richest)
– Swordfish
– Salmon (especially Sockeye)
– Mackerel
– Sardines
– Tuna
– Herrings
– Catfish
– Eel
– Fortified milk products (Milk, Margarine, Yogurt, Cheese)
– Oysters
– Caviar
– Fortified Soy products such as soy milk or tofu
– Mushrooms (vitamin D2)
– Eggs
– Beef liver
– Fortified juices (mostly fortified Orange juice)
– Vitamin D supplements   Click here to learn more about Isotonix superior supplements.


Talk to your doctor about testing your Vitamin D level so you can know that you are protected. Prevention and wellness are a big part of our health.

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