Reduce Belly Fat, Look and Feel Better with this……

by Dr. Karen Cann on August 29, 2012


Reduce Belly Fat,
Inflammation, and Pain and Look/Feel Better with this……


Are you gaining more and more weight with each passing year? Do you “yo-yo” up and down the scale with your weight? Are you tired of dieting and not getting the results?

Are you in pain?  Are you  suffering from inflammation, chronic fatigue?

Want to feel and look younger?

What may be the solution to these questions?

It may be  human growth hormone (hGH) aka somatotropin.  hGH is produced in the pituitary. Under the direction of the hypothalamus it is secreted into the body. The problem is
hGH starts depleting between the ages of 21-61 years. This can cause degeneration, pain, inflammation, dysfunction, osteoporosis, weight gain (fat) and it also accelerates the aging process.

Benefits of hGH:

Studies indicate hGH deficiency is relevant to health. hGH is produced mostly at night while asleep. It stimulates growth and maintenance of bone and muscle mass.  It helps the
body to repair itself. This reduces the again process and helps to reduce thetime it takes to heal after and injury or post op recovery.  hGH decreasesinflammation effecting pain leading to less dysfunction. hGH can boost the body’s immune response so the body will be healthier.  It can reduce thee risk and incidence of heart attack and stroke. Oxygen uptake improves increasing ones energy and endurance and decreases fatigue. Breathing can become easier for those suffering with breathing disorders. It increases metabolism thus decreasing body fat and weight.

One must consider the source off hGH to take as specific ingredients\are necessary for hGH to be effectively produced and released in ratio. Seekout a source that is scientifically backed, medically proven with studies, people tested and the product has the mostdramatic effect.  Dr. Cann has discovered  a superior hGH product made by a company that has been in existence the longest. It is the only hGH formula containing ZMA ™ (zinc monomethionine aspartake, magnesium aspartate, Citrulline and vitamin B6  in the exact ratios needed to help the  body produce its own hGH. This product is also more readily absorbed, as it is a liquid not a pill, or capsule, so it will get into your system faster. This means it will be absorbed into the body faster and more efficiently  and not passed out of the body through urine or feces. This product  also comes with a money back guarantee. So what do you have to lose

hGH is recommended for anyone over 35 years of age.  It is best taken before  bed.. Second best is in the AM on an empty stomach. Taken before a workout it enhances exercise and exercise enhances
growth hormone.

Do you want to decrease your body fat? Look and feel younger? Be healthier?  Have less inflammation and pain? More endurance and breathe easier?

Call today for  more information.     850-916-930

Discover the health within you ™

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