by Dr. Karen Cann on September 25, 2012


Laser technology is considered to be “cutting edge.” Laser is not only used to perform surgery but it is also used to treat several different medical conditions. As I researched the different  companies offering “laser technology”, I discovered that there are some misconceptions amongst the competition. One needs to consider the “light spectrum and the research that exists in the literature when it comes to evaluating laser technology and choosing the best of the best. The greatest difference in “laser technology” is highly dependent on the following variables: intensity, wavelength, frequency, pulsed or continuous. In layman’s terms, what does this really mean? If you truly want “a bang for your buck, put your money where your mouth is!” Low level laser therapy verses High level laser therapy? The following are considered “light therapies.” Infrared (IR) therapy, light emitting diode therapy (LED), and Laser therapy.  (light spectrum).

Research shows that a low intensity laser delivered over a longer period of time gives better treatment outcomes. There are only a few Laser companies that have actually done  the research.

Laser can treat a myriad of conditions that are not limited to inflammation, muscle, ligament, disc, fascia, acute, chronic pain, sciatica, neuropathy, neuralgia, post-operative wounds and scars, and skin conditions such as acne and fungus. Treating with a Laser will bring about faster results which means return of function, on the field faster, back to work, recreational sports, and playing with the grandchildren! Most of all back to having a quality of LIFE!

True Laser therapy is a scientifically proven medical treatment application. Know what you are paying for.



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