Tempur-Pedic: Is it worth your money? I think so!

by Dr. Karen Cann on December 9, 2012

Product Review: I want to discuss a specific bed in the Tempur-Pedic line of beds.

I am proud to promote and be a professional distributor for the Tempur-Pedic line of beds and other products.

I can and will get you the best price if you are interested in Tempur-Pedic. Hands down!

Today, I want to talk about a specific bed called, “The Pro-HealthCore Bed” by Tempur-Pedic. This bed has three specific Body-Zones that vary to provide perfect support where the consumer needs it most. The Back- Zone, the section in the middle of the mattress, is designed to provide extra body-conforming support to the heavier torso and upper-leg areas of the body. The Head-Zone and Foot-Zone are softer to gently cushion and support lighter areas (the head and feet) of the body.

The three Body-Zones use varying formulas of the company’s proprietary TEMPUR® material, which responds to body temperature and weight, conforming to provide superior support and relieve uncomfortable pressure. The energy- absorbing material eliminates motion transfer, so one partner’s movement does not disturb the other, and is also allergen-resistant. This new bed includes a layer of TEMPUR-HD(TM), a higher-density formulation of TEMPUR material that provides even more TEMPUR cells to deliver greater support, pressure relief, and durability.

I personally  purchased a “memory foam mattress” in 2004 that lasted about 9 years. My next purchase was a Tempur-Pedic Pro-Health Core bed and there is no comparison! Plus, my Tempur-Pedic has a 20 year warranty to boot!

New! The Pro-HealthCore bed is available only through Professional Health Providers as it applies to most people who suffer with spinal pain. So Chiropractors have been chosen to be supporting doctors.

Product Specs: 

The Pro-HealthCore Bed by Tempur-Pedic is maintenance-free. Since the bed has a patented one-sided design, it never needs flipping, rotating or turning. The mattress is encased in a stretchable, breathable, and allergen-resistant velour cover that is also removable and washable.



The Pro-HealthCore Bed is available in Twin Long, Double, Queen and King sizes. The bed also has an option available in each size for an adjustable base.

The Pro-HealthCore Bed and all other beds by Tempur-Pedic are now available.

Exclusively through Tempur-Pedic’s Professional and Medical sales channels such as ICPTS/Dr. Cann is the Pro-Health Core.

As part of my agreement with the company I can only offer prices in my practice and over the phone.

Please call my office (850) 916-9304 for further questions on ordering or to request a product brochure.

Same Great Offers and Warranty as Tempur-Pedic always delivers:

The bed features a 20-year limited warranty. Where can you find that kind of a warranty on other beds?

90-Night Satisfaction Guaranteed In-Home Tryout Offe

Note to consumers:

You can’t go online and buy this bed on your own-even through the main Tempur-Pedic website.  You must order through a health professional that offers Tempur-Pedic products. The “large box” furniture stores can’t carry it either. This is exclusive to healthcare professionals.

I would not own or sleep on any other bed. Try a Tempur-Pedic today! You won’t be sorry.

Discover the health within you.  ™

Dr. Karen A. Cann   850-916-9304

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