Chiropractors in Gulf Breeze and Navarre

by Dr. Karen Cann on August 4, 2014

Chiropractors in Gulf Breeze and Navarre

Dr. Karen Cann, Gulf Breeze Fl Florida Chiropractor Physical TherapistWhat is Chiropractic anyway?
Chiropractic is a health care system that is founded on 
the premise that a properly functioning
Nervous System is ESSENTIAL to
overall health and function of the human body
Doctors of Chiropractic detect and correct 
vertebral subluxations (bones/joints that are out of alignment)
 by adjusting with their hands and or 
instruments. Either way the Chiropractic
 adjustment is gentle and has an immediate effect.
 People will know from the first adjustment that something
 is better (decrease in pain, increase in range of motion,
 less tension in muscles). 
The average number of visits it takes to have someone
pain free or significantly better is just six visits. 
Can be less if the person chooses to do massage therapy 
and or modalities as adjuncts to care. 

Chiropractic adjustments restore normal nerve function, 
improve spinal biomechanics, range of motion, reflex arcs,
 and posture, all of which are essential to a 
properly functioning nervous system. 
This also maximizes the body's inherent healing potential. 

Would you take your car to anyone else than a mechanic
 if it had to be fixed? The answer is always, No and No!
So why would you take your spine and pelvis
 to anyone other than a specialist
 that is called a Chiropractor?
 The answer is Yes and Yes!
 Chiropractors are experts in spinal structure and body mechanics.
 Good posture is essential to overall health 
and Chiropractic adjustments are critical to ones spinal posture.
How do you know you have good/correct spinal posture?
 X-rays of course! Why guess at something
 when you can know definitively with x-ray? 
Traditional medicine overlooks this part of
 health care all the time.
 Dr. Hans Selye once said, " the beginning of
 the disease process begins with postural distortions".
 Dr. Lee Hadley, said, "subluxation alone is a
 rational reason for Chiropractic care throughout
 a lifetime from birth". Subluxations also alter 
the optimal structure of the spine and pelvis
 which weakens it and increases
 degeneration (arthritic changes).
 Think about the alignment of a car and what
happens to the car if it is not fixed.
 It breaks down faster and wears unevenly. 
The same thing applys to the joints of 
your spine, pelvis and body.
Vertebral subluxation are devastating to a
 person's health and longevity and are well
 documented by leading health authorities.
 No one can dispute it's (subluxation) existence. 

We are in a period of time where 
the Wellness/prevention revolution is booming!
 Wellness incorporates Chiropractic alignments
 along with how we eat, sleep, exercise, work,
 save and have a spiritual relationship
 with our creator. Why would you not want to
 be a part of this revolution? 
It can and will give you better health,
 vitality and longevity. 

Call us today for more information. 

"Discover the health within you". TM
Integrative Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Solutions Gulf Breeze Navarre FL Florida

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